b. 1987, NJ 

Works in Newark, NJ.

My paintings revolve around questioning the medium of paint and its inability to create something “real.” They employ the dialogue between proposed ideas of abstraction and figuration, exploring and using both to create a seemingly deconstructed space. Within this moment of networked and layered marks lie formsthat are reminiscent of a figure or even of themselves, almost as ifthey dissolve into each other, while working to create a location/time/space that is not quite identifiable, but relatable. 

I also explore the significance of the viewers’ attempt to insert themselves intothese perceived environments, as visual vocabulary from metaphysics and the current phenomena of the implications of virtual reality are brought into the paintings. Contending with these thoughts on a flat surface, I use varying methods that allow the created space to exist between dimensional and flat. The imagery presented combines multiple elements ranging from observation to historical art, mythology, the figure, memory of moments and real and fabricated locations, and the materiality of paint, while questioning the reliability of the functions of the viewers’ eyes.

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